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SPL is a German brand for the production of manicure and hairdressing equipment. We deal with household and professional tools. Thousands of satisfied customers and more than 20 years on the market are an excellent indicator of the reliability and success of our brand.

The product range includes more than 1000 products, including products for hairdressers and barbers, products for manicure and pedicure, makeup artists, colorists, body and hair care products and beauty salons.

SPL is also engaged in professional sharpening of tools. One of our focuses is high-quality metalworking, all tools are sharpened manually by the craftsman.

The main tool for sharpening is a circle with a diamond coating. Sharpening on both sides ensures quality and safety.

Advantages of our company:

  • Production - own modern production of hairdressing and manicure tools
  • Wide range - a large number of products to meet the needs of different customers
  • Quality control - A system for checking goods for quality and durability
  • Manual sharpening workshop - a department engaged in manual sharpening of professional manicure and hairdressing tools
  • Service Center - Official service center for the repair of hairdressing equipment
  • More than 20 years on the market - more than 20,000 positive reviews from our customers

SPL offers to its customers a wide range of spray guns used for moisturizing the hair during haircuts, styling, as well as for applying liquid fixatives. The range includes bowls for the preparation of dyes, treatments, fixers and perms. Also, for the attention of customers, brushes, brushes for diluting and applying preparations and dyes, sponges, sponges for applying chemical mixtures, fixers of various sizes, sometimes with a plastic handle-clip; Customers can also purchase clips (“antennae”, “frogs”, “ducks”) for hair distribution during cutting, styling, coloring, perms; different sizes from 3 to 15 cm plastic, metal or combined, consist of two clamping quotes, rivets and a spring, a beaker - a measuring cup to comply with the dosage in the manufacture of mixtures, hairnets - for better fixation of the styled hair during drying, caps for highlighting, has small holes all over. Rubber gloves to protect the hands of the master from the effects of chemicals can be purchased at the SPL store. An integral part of the master's work are hairpins (including invisible ones) for doing hairstyles. Brushes, brushes - for sweeping cut hair from the face and back of the head, I am waiting for you in the SPL store.

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